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My husband treats me like a doormat

Anyway they seem to be oblivious of their surrounding and always busy showing off esp the guy, the girl is still shy! But the coolest thing is I am flushing men!!! Learn how to improve the relationship with your thoughts, and as you come to terms with how powerful you really are, your overall health will naturally improve. Mymble, I felt a pang of my past when I read your comment about your husband and how he treated you. All of our employees, agents and partners are committed to keeping your data confidential. Was so upset for the rest of the afternoon and all of this evening about it. Hugsxx I hope you found the right circle! By Kate Ferguson. While being gaslit, you might actually find yourself apologizing to him for his ruining your trust in him! Wow Marie. At least try for the sake of the girls.

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Sign in. The friend for yrs has always used the same mechanic so it was understandable that I would wind up seeing his friend in my area along with the x who always helped him when his car was down they do favors like that for each other. I was blind totally to this. Sandy, re my previous reply to your people-pleasing comment: the thing is, what you describe is exactly what an aunt of mine has done all her life. The mental space that will open up for other things in your life will only benefit you. The comments that you made were thoughts that I have been struggling with for quite a while.

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The impact of an insult is in direct proportion to your sense of self. You were giving him a last chance to declare his undying love. However, our partners, including ad partners, may collect data in relation to your Website usage as disclosed herein. You always pick up the phone when he calls. Have something to add? Learn how your comment data is processed. Her Campus. Is that really possible? I have just changed my hairdesser and lost not much of a friend. This need he has is not about me, it is about HIM! Mimbula on September 9, at pm. I never did this and now can hold my head high that I kept my dignity through the whole thing. Where at one time I would try to fit what they wanted… Or fix them.

10 Things You're Doing That Scream "I'm A Doormat, Use At Will"

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  • Better her than me.
  • Think back to the person you were before you got with this guy.
  • He always looked so happy to see me, big smile, and wanted to make small talk like nothing had happened.

When I was growing up, I was taught that love and respect are two different things. As I got older and had relationships of my own, I realized that this way of looking at relationships, men, and women was entirely wrong and that in order to truly love someone in a healthy way, there needs to be a mutual respect between all parties involved. We all want to think that love is enough to sustain your relationship but as much as you want to think that, you might find yourself really steamrollered in your relationship. He might not be doing anything you consider to be a deal-breaker, but you may find yourself feeling really small and even broken in your relationship. Worse, you might feel like you deserve to be treated like a doormat because you feel like you won't be able to do any better than him. I can tell you right now that it doesn't matter how you feel about him: if he doesn't respect you, he doesn't love you. Here are fifteen signs that he might be thinking of you as a doormat. Co-dependency is a potent drug and it often is the death knell of many relationships. Co-dependent people do. Do you feel like, in order to do anything, you need to have his approval? That could be a sign of co-dependency, and your co-dependency can put you in a doormat position. Do you catch your guy in lies? Did you ever realize that he had a serious problem, like gambling issues, serial cheating, or a drug addiction? After finding those things out, did you let things continue the way they were, or did you put your foot down? When you put your foot down, did he listen to what you have to say or did he just go on doing what he was doing because he knew that you would stay no matter what he did? We all have different things going on in our lives and it would be exceedingly unfair if your significant other asked you to make them your number one priority at all times. Have you ever received an apology? No one is perfect or infallible, so by that rule, everyone has done something to hurt someone else. Have you ever shared your wildest dreams and loftiest goals with another person, even knowing that you might not actually do those things realistically?

Signs You Are Being Treated Like a Doormat

You always say yes. You might even be the go-to person at work…working long after hours, because the boss just knows that you will say yes. Yes, sure I will do this. See the Work With Me tab as my Closed Group frequently does lots of work around setting up safe boundaries. Awesome post! I can so relate. I am in the healing process from some of the things you mentioned. I was in a very unhealthy friendship where the double standard were being played. She would do very hurtful and mean things to me, and later if I Trust no one selena shirt she would play Mu with me.

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My husband treats me like a doormat. Don’t become an indispensable doormat in order to ‘keep’ a relationship

It has come time that we must leave you. Just for a week or so that is. We received an email the other day that we wanted to share it with you along with a response from Linda. Hopefully, you can get some value from it. I know that we both did. As a result, I got lazy and selfish. I know, not a good way to think is it? Trats and I had a long discussion regarding the various points that Maria brought up, and once again we talked about my emotional affair and I answered many questions that Linda still had. The great thing that likw from all of this was that even though this email was not real pleasant, it caused both of us to look inward and then openly discuss our feelings in a calm manner with each other. He was the cheater and benefited by your efforts as if he were some prize and you were a doormat. Old Doug has it made in the shade; he has the diversion of an emotional affair and his wife changes herself Terrence wilde suit his male perspective of a satisfying relationship. No wonder you are having problems reconnecting. What were his mistakes in the relationship?

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Suppressing your feelings, opinions, needs, etc, is going to do anything but help you be emotionally available and honest. I remember many moons ago when I was living with my ex fiance. In realising that something serious had gone awry and him at one point even saying that he was done, I pulled out the big guns. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see now that I used being indispensable in these ways as a substitute for having to do the emotional work on my end in the relationship, which was even as simple as seeing the two of us as individual entities and recognising the unhealthiness of our relationship and my own issues. You lose respect for you and they lose respect for you plus it all gets a bit blurred around what role you play in their life.

The peace I feel now without him around is profound.


One of Dr. Phil McGraw's Life Laws is that we teach people how to treat us. Some of us seek to please others so much that we end up teaching them to have little or no regard for us and thus end up being treated like a doormat. However just as we taught them how . Jun 03,  · Help! My husband treats me like a doormat! Get the latest from TODAY. Sign up for our newsletter. SUBSCRIBE. June 3, , AM UTC. By By Dr. Gail Dr. Gail Saltz. Don’t Be A Doormat When Trying To Save Your Marriage. I’ve decided to “focus on me” and to do what I can to make him feel wanted and happy with me. But like Maria, I feel that he is getting all the benefit for none of the work and I feel resentful. My husband of 4 years is has been having a 6 month EA with OW who lives 5 minutes.

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