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How long does it take sugar jar spell to work

Keep on working it, keep on obsessing over it, then you are not going to see success. Print out pictures of all family members about the same size and at the bottom of each picture, write the person's full name and birthdate, if known. Dec 18, 6. I am a newbie but I have done enough research on this topic. Be a Fan: Facebook. You start knitting sweater when you know you need to show love else he will be gone.. You could bury it if you like. I crack up because all of the honey jars I see online are filled to the rim with honey. Honey Jar spell backfired. Honey jars were made up by catherine yrwonde and aren't the answer to everything. I have an important question regarding theses jars. Candle magic is popular, and over the years the burning of candles has become synthesized with other forms of magic. The packaging of this gum has changed since then; you're on your own if you need to make changes to the spell because of that.

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Love you all. I recommend against making cakes or pies in this spell because they are large and unitary and may be refused on the grounds of being "too much. The apple or onion may be shut up in a metal tin, such as a coffee or honey can, and a candle burned on the tin's lid -- or it can be placed in the bottom of a flower pot, with a plant grown on top of it to hide the spell. You can check that out here. If the hairs are long enough, tie them together. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy.

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First off, you cast a spell that was not needed, he was already loving you. After the candle is finished, you remove the remnant wax from the sugar and bury it. Get my free ebook Spellcasting Secrets For The Wild Witch and monthly updates with new entries, tips, and specially offers only for you! Thus we understand that candle work may be suitable for use in private work or in sneaky tricks, but it may just as easily be conducted in public. Sign Up Now! Some notes about animal spirits in Trolldom. No candles there -- the living plants spread the spell abroad and grow from the petition paper and personal concerns buried within the soil. Well, why not? The plant takes the place of candle , but it radiates the intent of the spell just the same. So, looking at this type of work strictly from the sweetening side, candles are optional additions: We start with a sweetener, and we get something personal of the person, and we bury it in our chosen sweet substance. Try to get something personal from each individual -- a hair, for instance. One thing I will say about sweetening magic is it does take commitment. I have seen it happen. The plate catches the wax drippings, making it a convenient and easily cleaned candle stand. Whie I was in the cemetery earlyier today,I traveled off trail feeling odd vibes and stumbled upon one of these jars.

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  • Next, prepare your paper.
  • First off, you cast a spell that was not needed, he was already loving you.
  • A Facebook user with a mad-on for me claimed that i, cat yronwode, had invented the use of honey in hoodoo sweetening spells and that this was "fake hoodoo.

The sweeteners used in these spells vary by historical era, region of the country, commercial or home-made availability, family traditions, local traditions, and intuitive decisions. Sweetening spells have been and are still often worked inside containers -- boxes, bottles, canning jars, small food jars, hollowed red onions, cored red apples, covered sugar bowls, under plants in pots, under the roots of plants in the ground, wrapped in tin foil, wrapped in paper, within a layer of enrobing chocolate, in a wallet, in a purse, in a pocket, in a mojo hand, in the shoes -- but, although sugar and honey spells are some of the oldest forms of bottle spell in the world, not all of them are worked in bottles or other containers; in fact, they have been and still are often worked out loose -- on dinner plates, in tea or coffee cups, in open bowls, on saucers, in pie tins, on cookie sheets, sprinkled on candles, sprinkled on altars, sprinkled in baths, sprinkled on the floor or the ground -- both with or without the additional use of candles , with or without added herbs or minerals , with or without added powders or dusts or incense. There are so many variations to sweetening spells that i call the whole lot of them a "spell family. You will see resemblances that can be noted, and you will see differences as well. Do not let anyone tell you that some variations are "valid" while others are not. These spells are so ancient and so widespread that if you understand the family resemblances, you will soon come to see that a touch of menstrual blood on a fresh strawberry that has been dipped and covered with a hard chocolate coating is not all that far from the name paper of a bankruptcy court judge that is kept in a half-pint mason jar full of sugar cubes with a tea light on top or the business card of a boss that is folded inside a piece of aluminum foil with a sprinkle of sugar and kept in a wallet or worn in a shoe. The petition is for sweetness. The social form of sweetness desired, from whom it is desired, and how that desire is worked into a physical spell to be conveyed to influence the minds and hearts of others are the variables. But really, when you look at them, these spells are not so much different as they are similar. Modern folks have taken to calling the whole family of sweetener spells "honey jar" and "sugar bowl" spells, placing an emphasis on the fact that many of them are worked in closed containers jars and bowls , but in the oldest version of these spells that i know, there is actually no jar or bowl, just a plain white tea cup saucer or coffee cup saucer in the center of which you burn a candle on the person's name, dressed with hoodoo oils and surrounded by a poured-out ring of pancake syrup, honey, or molasses. Be careful, though, if the candle burns too hot, it may crack your saucer. Another early version of the these sweetening spells is a container spell, but not actually a bottle spell as we think of them today. It employs a hollowed-out red apple or red onion to hold honey, jam, or sugar, plus the name-paper of the person on whom you are working. The apple or onion may be shut up in a metal tin, such as a coffee or honey can, and a candle burned on the tin's lid -- or it can be placed in the bottom of a flower pot, with a plant grown on top of it to hide the spell. The plant takes the place of candle , but it radiates the intent of the spell just the same. It can be given as a gift to the person on whom you are working, and can spread its sweetness throughout their home. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as packaged sugar, honey, syrup, and liquid sweeteners became available from grocery stores, another variant of this spell was developed that employed a one-pound box of sugar. You cut off the top of the box, put the name in, stick a candle in the sugar, and burn it. After the candle is finished, you remove the remnant wax from the sugar and bury it. A similar effect can be obtained by working the spell in a sugar bowl, either with granular sugar or with sugar cubes.

How Long Does it Take a Magic Spell to Work?

Honey Jar spell backfired. Reply to this post oldest 1 2 3 4 newest Start a new thread Pages: oldest 1 2 3 4 newest. Honey Jar spell backfired By: ms. Post 1 Aug 16, Hi all I casted a honey jar sweeting spell on my boy friend as i noticed he had stopped expressing his feelings towards me.

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How long does it take sugar jar spell to work. Sugar Magic Makes Everything Sweet!

I guess the popularity of this spell has much to with the marketing it has gotten through Cat Yronwode and the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Nowadays there are even pseudo-wiccan varietys popping up with odd additions and claims of originality. Well, why not? The purpose of a Honey Jar spell is to sweeten people towards you, or anyone or anything of your choice. I have done hundreds of Honey Jar spells over the years and, yes, they are effective. A bit slow working - like the gooey tzke sticky consistency of honey - but generally something that is good to have going on a long term basis. Removing the content onto a separate paper and disposing that is a sutable crossroad or burying close to the target is Big cliturus, but it takes a long time to get is all out. I am not very fond Gma logo disposing glass jars at crossroads, so I often pick another method. These people are seldom aware of the other members in family of sweetening spells out there. The whole point is to sweeten people so in this family we find everything from sugar cubes to Molasses and Syrup used as well. And occasionally you need to be ot with your work and dont have time to cook up a full Honey Jar spell. Then a PET bottle, some sugar and regular tap water can be just as effective. Just add the name of the target or a personal concern, pray, cap the bottle, shake it and put it away. If you have some Tin Foil it is perfect to use as a wrapper for this. Make a little package sugag wear it in your pocket or purse.


Sugar and spice and everything nice. We can sweeten bosses, landlords, neighbors, co-workers, disgruntled friends and loved ones…even judges and juries…even money! The history of rituals that use sweet objects from apples to honey are vast.

No candle there, and there never will be a candle there.

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In some forms of folk magic, vinegar in a jar or bottle is used to make things go bad. A well-known hex involves placing numerous magical links to the person you want to curse into a jar, filling it with vinegar, and then performing a variety of other actions on the jar, from shaking it . Aug 01,  · This video shows how to make a hoodoo sweet jar. I explain the ingredients one by one. This sweet jar is customized for my client but it should give you a good idea of what to put in your own. Jun 18,  · Honey Jar Spells Wicca. Oh, I've done honey jar spells now and again, lol The first thing you've got to remember is that honey pours slowly - so - any .

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